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So I got to thinking.

Steampunk is lame.

Zombies are lame.

We seem to be in the middle of a fad featuring them both, in popular fiction and video games.  They always kind of irritated me, and at first I thought it was just because they were overdone, but now that I think about it, it got all philosophical-like:

"Steampunk" overly romanticizes the past.  To elaborate, it's a candy-coated depiction of an age that, by all historical accounts, was not particularly pleasant.  Do you know what conditions were actually like in the Victorian ages?  Research it up.  It wasn't that grand.  You can go ahead and enjoy the fashion sense, but don't let it go so deep as your underwear--that's the stuff they would wear back in the day for weeks on end, sewing themselves into it after their monthly bath.  Unless you were poor and didn't get baths.  Or anything.  At all.


Zombies, specifically the oft-recurring theme of the "Zombie Apocalypse", damns the future.  These stock monsters represent, in their current popular depiction, the most abysmally bleak outlook on what we have coming.  Total hopelessness, isolation, the obliteration of individuality as the mindless hungering horde consumes it all.  No Ragnarök here; we aren't going out with a bang, but with a groan (rehearse for me; "braaiins"), so say these stories. It's such a monumentally cynical theme.

That's where this is really going, when you combine those two things above; romanticizing the past, condemning the future.  Is that a reflection of our current state of mind, that these two themes are so popular nowadays?

If so:  Dammit, people, cheer up.  I know it's easy to get all depressed when you look at the state of things, but in the big picture, we're still moving well along towards making things just a little bit better with each turn.  Perhaps relegating the bad ideas to fiction helps balance things out, in which case, go for it, even though it ain't my cup of tea.  But pop culture (or geek culture, such as that may be) has the odd effect on people sometimes.  

If you're writing or drawing that stuff because something of what I just said rings familiar, that it's a reflection of your own outlook, maybe it's time for a genre shift!

Or maybe I'm reading into things too much.

Whatever! Power, brother.  I'm goin' to bed.
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That's what we're calling it.  None of this "two-thousand <number>" business anymore.

Not only do I now own a DS, but my good computer is working once more (the problem: a bad CPU fan had me stumped for seven months.  Aghbhglghblblghblgljhb).  Gods willing, I may even be able to save up enough money in the next month or two to buy a PS3 and a Wii.  Finally...I can GAME MODERNLY.

Not that that'll stop me from continuing to import Touhou CDs and spend hours dying to ZUN's blatantly malicious bullet curtains.

Tomorrow, it's back to work...and mandatory overtime, at that (we have a *lot* of cleaning up to do from the usual holiday fallout).  But life is good.  May this decade be more awesome than the last--not that this will take much, all things considered, but it's a good thought.
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Contrary to popular "science", Santa is real, and practically everything they say about him is true, particularly that which he Sees (you sleeping/awake) and Knows (if you've been bad or good).  

You see, in reality he operates behind the scenes as the master of a shadow-network of agents, most of whom don't even realize who they're working for.  It is said that those who do can be identified by their pointy ears and crazy hats and shortness, but sometimes not.

Among his puppet-agents he's cultivated a subconscious hive-mind that permeates every aspect of their being. Science people have tentatively dubbed this collective psychic gestalt as the "Power of Love".  

So, not only should you not pout, cry, or shout, you should also be glad that the hive-mind that rules you is also aligned Neutral Good.

So when you unwrap your delicous toys, know this:  Santa is behind it all, and he is kicking back, drinking eggnog out of a martini glass, content that your Merry Christmas was all just as planned.
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I started playing one of those games, thanks to memetic overstimulus from every conceivable direction, seeping into every aspect of my existence (on the internet, anyway).

Isn't that the one thing they tell you not to do, when you're drowning in the sugary quicksand of adorable ghosts that will eat you, conspicuously interesting armpits, retarded snow-child faeries, takin' it easy, stolen things that are precious, and suppositories, is flailing about wildly as you attempt to dodge their sadistic laser barrages, as you will be forced to call the moon and ask the resident drug-dealer for help?

I guess now I'm a fan.
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Margatroid is a cool name.

Sat Jan 24, 2009, 2:07 AM
So, getting around to putting more recent, better stuff in this here art-hole.

I'm actively assembling a real portfolio, now, to feature more art that's got pretty colors, and a degree of polish acceptable to the types I'd like to impress.

One thing that's somewhat daunting, though, is I realize I must reteach myself how to do 3D if I hope to really make the awesome.  So. Uhh...I don't suppose anyone knows how I can find a copy of Maya that costs a touch less than my eternal soul?

"The Wheel of Time".  A book series I'm giving another chance, since the last one's supposed to maybe probably we'll-think-about-it coming out this year.  Read back to back, or at least in chunks of three or so, that amazingly disjointed, plot-thread-huge tale works a lot better, I think.  Also I can appreciate things I didn't before.  The fact that Nynaeve is effectively a berserker-healer?  That's like, Metal.  (Am I the only one who likes that character?)  And so is everything about the concept of the Dragon Reborn himself.  Imagine Nathan Explosion growling out the Karaethon Cycle or whatever that's called.

Metalocalypse is the best thing in the world ever, also.

So is Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

As for the subject, I'm afraid I've learned something of Touhou. To the point of being tempted to play that damn game. Or at least, use Tohou Power Cards in my 4e D&D games (… go there).

Have a nice day!
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The usual stuff.

Fri Jan 23, 2009, 3:23 AM
Got around to that cleanup, finally.

If you look around here often, you'll notice a lot of stuff has been pruned from the Gallery.  Lots have been moved to Scraps (it looked good, just not 'finished'), and a lot of newer random sketches and whatnot have also been dumped there.

Not much else to say at the moment.  Life is good.

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Gallery cleanup time.

Wed Nov 12, 2008, 10:55 AM
Time to reorganize.

Right, so I'mma go through the gallery and toss some stuff.  Scratch that, a LOT of stuff.  I'm seeing a fairly sizable amount of work that doesn't really "live up" to what I figure really deserves to be shown off, plus I think I've gotten better since then anyway.  

So, if you happen to be reading this and have any particular favorites, you might want to save it to your hard drive in case it ends up conspicuously missing.

There's a fair chance, though, that stuff I think IS good but isn't really a "showoff" piece, it'll reappear in the scraps.

I'm also thinking I may open up another account just for WoW-related art, since I seem to accumulate a metric ton of that.

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Updated my dustbox!

Thu Jul 3, 2008, 9:08 PM
'cause I'm so dedicated to keeping something fresh in this thing, right?

So I played some D&D 4e.  So far, I've made a point to avoid as much needless whining about it as possible, and I feel this makes me not want to hate it.

That means I can spend plenty of time on /tg/, but I stay the hell away from the Wizards of the Coast boards.

As to the game itself, it's good.  Not bad.  Nothing spectacular.  Promising.  The 'fluff' feels like a reboot; I feel no need to stop using the superior background from earlier editions, though.  Furthermore, when it comes to actually defining a character, the skill system pretty much has nothing.

Still, we got three core rulebooks.  There's a lot of room for improvement, but I'll give it to 'em that further game material will capitalize on that.  The good mostly outweighs the bad and I don't really feel the need to be overly anal about it.  There are lots of people better suited than I; those who actually think a lot about it, those who've done it for longer than me, those better with words than me, those with enough free time to care, and most importantly, those who can actually figure that serious commentary on such things on open internet forums has actual potential for productive discussion.  I think that little part of me died like, long ago.

On another note; hey, doing artwork for actual work now.  This is fun.  I haven't burnt out yet.  Oh god am I in for it, I know, but I'mma ride this.

Also; damn, the stupid thing won't let me change my 'mood'. I ain't stumped. I ain't happy, but I'm feelin' glad.
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End o&#039; the Year.

Sun Dec 30, 2007, 11:00 PM
This hasn't been updated in a while.

So yeah.  Final thoughts on 2007:  Need more drawing.  Need more color.  Warhammer 40k and D&D are fun.  World of Warcraft is still worth playing, as long as you're with friends.  

Tomorrow's the last day at work of the year, incidentally.  I look forward to seeing ten thousand support emails that logically cannot be answered within the week, but hey, that's life.  

I'mma go read more Eisenhorn now. And draw more things of no consequence but are still fun.  You guys, have a great 2008.  We'll be in touch.

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Sat Oct 27, 2007, 1:48 AM
Every day, I inch slightly forward on the nerd-scale.

I decided, thanks to the encouragements of guys I play D&D with, guys I buy D&D stuff from at the local game-stuff store, and 4chan's /tg/, among other things, to get into Warhammer 40k myself.

My god, this is almost unfair in how fun it is just putting together this horrible little heretics I've chosen to make my own personal legion.  The neat thing about Chaos Space Marines is pretty much ANYTHING is viable, and you can never have too many spiky bits or sharp bits.  At some point, maybe I'll even be able to accurately represent the Xaositect Marines, though for now I'm going for Alpha Legion, because they kind of seem the closest thing to it that's already canon to the setting.  At least, in that unpredictable, can-show-up-anywhere and can-be-behind-any-random-disaster sense.

Ah well, just as planned, I suppose.

In unrelated news, I'm behind on trying to assemble a respectable art portfolio.  The trouble is mainly one of inspiration.  I know what I WANT to showcase, but so often I still find myself sitting in front of a sketchpad, staring at it, scribbling on it, and finding the idea is going nowhere.  Anything I try to force comes out crap.  I guess the best thing to do, really, is to let it come naturally, 'cause it DOES, just slowly, and usually from unexpected inspiration.  Hopefully, soon, I'll have some more colorful work here on DeviantArt, at the very least.

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Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition.

Thu Aug 16, 2007, 10:14 PM
Well damn.

It kinds seems almost too soon, but then again, it's been about 8 years now since 3rd Edition was published.  And this one ain't like 3.5, it's a total facelift and overhaul of the whole damn system.  Go figure.

I think out of all of it, I'm most worried about how the Eberron campaign setting will carry over.  Settings been out for like what, three years now?  It seems way premature to try and carry the whole thing, which still feels like a work in progress, over to something totally new.

Then again, Orcus is on the cover of the 4e Monster Manual, and tieflings are set to become a core race, it looks like.  This bodes well for a Planescape fan like me, possibly.

I wonder what everyone's thoughts are on this one. Aside from the usual NERD RAAAAGE that one would expect, of course.

All I'm sayin' is, they better not screw this one up.
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Wed Aug 8, 2007, 1:34 PM
Stupid slump.

It's like I'm feeling overworked, yet completely underwhelmed, burnt out but otherwise restless.  I know I'm not getting done nearly as much as I could be, though not for lack of trying.

I know I'm needing to really get it together and put together a truly impressive art portfolio, if I'm ever actually gonna get a job doing this.  Coloring is damn fun--but I gotta figure out an efficient workflow if I'm gonna crank out some really nice concepts.  

Even more importantly, I've gotta stay focused.  There's too many distractions in the world.  Shit, there's too many distractions on the damn Internet.

Oh well, self-discipline, I guess.

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Updated my journal.

Tue Jun 19, 2007, 7:35 AM

I started playing Final Fantasy XI again.

Because I missed Vana'diel.
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Chain letter thing...

Thu Mar 8, 2007, 9:26 AM
Why not?

"The first ten people who reply to this journal get put up here, along with three of my favorite deviations by them.

The catch is: You have to put this in your journal as well, so no cheating.

You must have more than a dozen deviations that I can pick my three favorites from.

Please have something in your gallery (photos and drawings), or else I'll disregard the comment."

(I dunno, seemed like a good idea)